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-Get approval to hold your fundraising sale and pick dates you want to sell.
 From many years of experience, we recommend you sell for 2-4 weeks.

-Designate who will be the fundraising chairperson or chair people.

-Set financial goals and an objective for your fundraiser so your participants will be
 Motivated to help you achieve them.

-Work With Team Nextup Designs to Design your Fundraising T-Shirt.

-After your Organization has approved your Proof, Proceed to Step 3.

-Call 1-855-327-4680 or email and our fundraising specialist team will assist and guide you throughout your sale. Our fundraising specialists are very experienced and knowledgeable helping thousands of groups run successful fundraisers each year.

-Hold a kickoff meeting with your group and give each seller a catalog, a copy of your
 Parent letter and 2 order forms to start (tell them where to go if they need more).

-Encourage participants to sell to family, friends, co workers and parents.

-Emphasize to your sellers the date the order forms and money are due.

-Remind sellers to fill out the order forms as neatly as possible.

-Have all checks made payable to your organization, not to Team Nextup Designs.